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     Once upon a time, a young girl named Mary Beth used to draw intersecting triangles. She didn't know why she did this, just that it pleased her. She loved blues and greens and purples. Sometimes she drew human figures. She grew up loving color and texture and design. She delighted in decorating for Christmas. She enjoyed decorating--and redecorating--her home, finding just the right accessories, the striking photograph, the perfect paint colors.  Her home was warm, cozy, inviting. One day, she decided she wanted a mosaic table for her kitchen... 

     From that initial table-top experiment, the impulse behind Mosaic Moods was born. Mary Beth continued to learn, experiment with, and hone her mosaic craft, creating everything from jewelry boxes and flower boxes to panels and mirror frames, while the audience for her work grew.

    When Mary Beth discovered her special talent for creating intricate micro-mosaic pendants, she also discovered a way to share her love of all things mosaic with a much wider audience. A celebration of Mary Beth's varied creations fills these pages.

    We invite you to explore our website and discover your mosaic moods!
Upcoming Events:

--Hi, Everyone! After a long, cold, snowy, working-behind-the-scenes winter hiatus, Mosaic 
   Moods is busy setting up our spring/summer craft show schedule. Expect our initial 
   announcements within the next week or so!

--Mosaic Moods is thrilled to announce that Mary Beth's entry into the Grosse Pointe Art 
   Center's latest exhibition--The Green Show--was one of 50 pieces accepted out of 150
   entries. Mary Beth's mosaic panel, entitled "Nature's Inheritance," won an honorable
   mention at the show, one of only six pieces singled out for recognition. "Nature's 
   Inheritance" will be on display at the Grosse Pointe Art Center at 17118 Kercheval Avenue
   in Grosse Pointe from noon to 6 pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays, from now until
   April 5. For a preview of Mary Beth's piece, check out the home page of the Grosse Pointe
   Art Center site; "Nature's Inheritance" is one of the scrolling art works selected to 
   advertise the show!

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   about what designs you like the best and what new designs you would like to see. We'd
   love your input!

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